Talk.CSS max-content edition

Tuesday, January 23rd

2:30 pm - Talk.CSS max-content edition

If you’ve been with us since day 1, odds are you would have realised that Chris and Hui Jing are…somewhat unorthodox in their organisation methods. And in spite of our haphazard ways, we’ve managed to hold it together for 23 consecutive meet-ups.

None of this would have been possible without each and every one of you who has ever showed up for our little monthly gathering. You are our peoples, and you built this community. This beautiful CSS community 🌈.

Given that we started out as part of DevFest.Asia 2015, it is only apt that we go big for DevFest.Asia 2018 (not sure if that’s an official name this time) with our max-content 3-hour design and CSS extravaganza!

Still not convinced to come? We’ve compiled a list of compelling reasons to join us. Also works if you need to convince your boss…

Schedule & Speakers

  • 1430: Doors open
  • 1500: Welcome and Intro
  • 1510: Designing Inspired Style Guides
    • “Style guide” is an umbrella term for several types of design documentation; static style or visual identity guides, voice and tone, front-end code guidelines or component/pattern libraries. These all offer something different but often have something in common. They look ugly enough to have been designed by someone who enjoys configuring a router.In this fast-paced talk, Andy will demonstrate ways to improve how style guides look and make them better at communicating design information to creatives without it getting in the way of what technical people need.
    • About the Speaker
      Andy Clarke @Malarkey

      • Andy Clarke is one of the best known web designers because of his design work and contributions to the web design industry. He’s given more than sixty presentations at conferences all over the world. As well as numerous articles in web design publications, he’s written three books on website design and development including Transcending CSS and Hardboiled Web Design. In 2017 he relocated from the UK to Sydney to head the design team at Ansarada.
  • 1550: Font stacks with CSS variables
    • Stay tuned for updates!
    • About the Speaker
      Sebastiaan Deckers @sebdeckers

      • Seb is a frontend fanatic hailing from Belgium. When he’s not busy coding, you can find him cultivating the local developer community. Seb is the co-organiser of the Front End Developers Singapore (FEDS) meetup and regularly speaks at SingaporeJS events.
  • 1600: Building responsive CSS components
    • Learning to build reusable components without adding complexity to your code is crucial when building websites in our age.Have you wondered if it’s possible to accomplish this feat in pure CSS without turning your code into a bloody hacky mess? How would you structure your code? How do you think about components? What about scaling? How do you deal with components that need to be placed in wildly different areas?

      In this talk, Zell aims to share his experiences and approach to building responsive, reusable components. He even goes deep into design principles and how they can shape your CSS.

    • About the Speaker
      Zell Liew @zellwk

      • Zell is a freelance developer who specializes in design and frontend-related stuff. He digs deep into them and writes everything he’s learned on his blog. He also writes courses and books so other developers can benefit from everything he’s learned from him banging his head on the wall. If you catch Zell drinking, watch out for his random giggles.
  • 1630 Coffee break!
  • 1650: Creative Text Effects with CSS
    • Interesting and impactful text is often deemed a “print only option”. But we can have those effects now with real web text.So let’s have some fun with text! In this talk, Mandy will show you how to make effects with accessible, searchable, and selectable text (Without the need for complicated markup or JavaScript).

      We’ll explore a variety of techniques including pseudo elements, clip-path, blend modes, gradients, transforms, variable fonts and more to create interesting headings, layouts and even emojis.

      Sometimes it’s easy to forget the power of CSS but there is a lot you can do with a little creativity.

    • About the Speaker
      Mandy Michael @mandy_kerr

      • Mandy is the Front End Development Manager at Seven West Media in Western Australia. Previously, she has worked as Head of Front End Development at The Brand Agency and also as a Digital Project Manager. She is a lover of CSS and Batman and blogs about her adventures in geek fashion.
  • 1730: Love the web for what it is
    • The web is a unique medium on its own and we need to establish a new normal for the web, breaking it free from the shackles of static print design. This new normal involves ceding control of our designs to the browsers that render them rather than constantly engage in this battle to dictate where every pixel should fall.We’ve always been trying to transfer ideas and concepts from a static medium like print, onto a dynamic medium like the web. But their difference in nature has caused quite a bit of grief. Perhaps we should be taking a different approach to designing and building for the web, a way that better suits the nature of the medium.
    • About the Speaker
      Chen Hui Jing @hj_chen

      • Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer with an inordinate love for CSS. Reducing lines of code in her web projects makes her extremely happy. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions.
  • 1750 Wrap-up and Thanks
  • 1800 Close


Tuesday, January 23rd
2:30 PM to 6:00 PM

Microsoft Singapore
Level 21 Auditorium 1 Marina Blvd
Singapore 018989

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