Straight from Silicon Valley: Insights on Start-Up Investing

Tuesday, September 19th

2:00 pm - Straight from Silicon Valley: Insights on Start-Up Investing

A seminar led by successful investors, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from Silicon Valley.

Hear from Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders about success drivers for Silicon Valley start-ups, and inside stories about challenges that many of the well-known start-ups faced on their path to success.

The session will conclude with a group discussion, where the speakers debate about predominant topics emerging from entrepreneurship.


Bill Reichert | Managing Partner, Garage Technology Ventures
What a Silicon Valley Investor is Looking For
Bill will be talking about the key things that he considers when doing due diligence and deciding whether or not to invest in a start-up such as considering the Unique Value Proposition, Unfair Advantage, Technology, Team and Traction (WTF model).

Ken Singer | Serial Entrepreneur, Start-up Mentor
Dealing with Investors from the Entrepreneur’s Perspective
Ken has founded a number of successful and unsuccessful start-ups and has personal experience in raising money from investors who have often then moved on to join the Boards of his companies. He has a wealth of insight to share on how to deal with investors and to develop a win-win relationship.

Kal Deutsch | Entrepreneur, MD Incubator
Nurturing Successful Start-Ups
Kal runs the incubator, The Batchery, which is based in Silicon Valley. It provides training and support to aspiring start-ups to develop and refine their venture plan, and to provide those start-ups access to investment from their network. Kal will also give insights to incubator managers and other organisations about nurturing successful start-ups.

Gigi Wang | Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Mentor
Innovative Business Models
Gigi has been on the founding teams of more than 5 start-ups. Many start-ups focus on the product, but the business model is just as important, if not more important for start-ups to secure investments and succeed. She will give insights on how to identify innovative models and provide examples.

Dr. Eddy Lee | Managing Partner, Coffee Ventures
Why Southeast Asia when there is Silicon Valley?
Eddy will highlight the differences between Silicon Valley’s start-up ecosystem in terms of market, talent and corporations as compared to that of Southeast Asia (SEA). He will also share the opportunities that has spurred his relocation from Silicon Valley to SEA.


Dr. Virginia Cha | Professor-in-Residence
Virginia is a highly sought-after Professor of technology entrepreneurship in Singapore with multiple appointments at Singapore’s leading tertiary education institutions. She has co-founded or was the sole-founder and CEO of multiple venture-funded, hi-tech companies. In addition to teaching entrepreneurship, Virginia is also an active researcher, mentor, and angel investor in Singapore’s entrepreneur ecosystem.


Tuesday, September 19th
2:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Auditorium 4.02, Level 4, SIM Management House
41 Namly Avenue, Singapore 267616

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