Slush Singapore Ideation Workshop

Saturday, June 24th

9:30 am - Slush Singapore Ideation Workshop

We’re super excited to announce the Speakers for our Ideation Workshop on 24 June 2017. Join us as we talk about the journey of an entrepreneur, tools for putting your ideas into actions and much more!


Edric Subur, Head of Marketing at Hapz


Edric is a Marketer and Technopreneur passionate about bringing innovations to your world. Within 4 years, he launched 6 startup ideas and won the ‘Young Entrepreneur Award in 2015’. Leaving Twitter APAC, Edric is now the Head of Marketing of Hapz, creating the number one destination booking experience in Asia.

Michael Lints, Venture Partner at Golden Gate Ventures

Having pursued Financial Analysis for Business Valuation, and Private Equity at Harvard Business School after his post-graduation in Information Science, Michael founded an IT business and his own Dutch SME-focused venture fund in 2007. Thereafter he became a venture partner in Golden Gate Ventures and has extensive experience as a former Vice-Chairmain of the Economic Development Board, Rotterdam.

Alton Chong, First Local Employee at

Alton is now employee 96 of 153 of the rapidly expanding – one of the top Facebook Marketing Partner globally hailing from the chilly winds of Finland.
As the first local employee hired and stationed in the Asia Pacific office here in Singapore, Alton will share his experiences consisting of his working journey since coming out of University and what it is like working for an exciting global start-up


Saturday, June 24th
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

lyf @ SMU
71-77 Stamford Road, Singapore 178895

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