Singtel Future Makers 2017

Sunday, April 23rd

11:59 pm - Singtel Future Makers 2017


If you are a changemaker, impact entrepreneur or social innovator who are looking to scale your impact – we are definitely interested to hear from you!

Singtel Future Makers is a 4-month social innovation programme in Singapore, comprising up to S$20,000 grants for each selected start-up, mentoring by cross-sector experts, competency workshops, networking and strategic partnership opportunities with the Singtel Group and its partners.


Singtel Future Makers aims to help build and support an ecosystem of change agents, innovation, capacity building and collaboration that will help transform the lives of the vulnerable in the community, as well as support caregivers and Social Service Organisations. This social innovation programme comprises community engagement, mentorship, coaching and funding support for social entrepreneurs in Singapore. Singtel Future Makers is open to passionate individuals who believe that technological innovation plays a key role in addressing social causes in Singapore and beyond.
  • Attractive Funding

    More than S$500,000 grants for start-ups across all Singtel Group Future Makers programmes in Singapore, Australia and the Philippines

  • Capacity Building

    Tailored competency workshops, dedicated mentoring, 1-on-1 business coaching and community networking events

  • Regional Network

    Regional cross-sector ecosystem for collaboration and market opportunities


Bompipi is an online marketplace that sells popular fast-moving consumer goods and groceries. It offers its customers a reward system, which supports social inclusion and develops the community through volunteering. It expects 70% of its shoppers to volunteer through the reward system and will contribute 15% of its profits to Social Service Organisations and Non-Profit Organisations.

Using a cloud-based platform and speech recognition technology, CaptionCube provides high quality, fast captioning, transcription, and subtitling services for e-learning and media content providers who are inclusive to a hearing impaired audience. They employ persons with disabilities who work remotely on the transcript, giving them flexibility and convenience. CaptionCube has improved communication engagements by over 30% among its clientele. It believes everyone has equal rights to communicate and be heard.

Enabled tackles stereotype and discrimination of persons with disabilities in Singapore by providing digital learning, empathy training and experiential workshops to empower school students to become advocates for this group, which makes up 15% of Singapore’s population. It also hopes to embed empathy training into the core curriculum in schools. is a free-to-use platform that empowers people and organisations to create crowdfunding and donation pages in a matter of minutes, without a designer or developer. It gives easy access to technology for charities, companies and individuals and harnesses the power of peer-to-peer fundraising for social causes. So far, 200,000 people have joined this social movement and raised S$10.8million to support 15,000 social causes.

Irisada is creating a specialised marketplace for the special needs community to find hard-to-reach products all at one place. The marketplace is specially designed to benefit the community of caregivers and persons with special needs using intuitive search functions, curation and features that encourage product innovation. It hopes to connect buyers to these specialised products that help them enjoy a high quality of life.

Jaga-Me is a health technology company, which aims to make healthcare more responsive, affordable and personal. It has developed a mobile app to help patients and their families engage home care services from qualified professionals within the community. These healthcare professionals are matched according to patients’ requests based on skillset and availability. To date, Jaga-Me has successfully served over 2,500 hours of safe nursing care across Singapore. Nurses are carefully screened and have at least three years of experience working in a hospital with valid clinical skills.

Medarwin is looking to change the way the elderly and people with physical limitations dry their laundry – with its product Raincheck. Through a smartphone app, Raincheck automatically deploys wet laundry outdoor and retracts it during inclement weather. Medarwin expects to test its solution across various households and smart city initiatives for further product feedback before manufacturing.


Sunday, April 23rd
- to May 7th

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