OpenIDEO | Open Innovation Community | SGOutpost #2

Tuesday, July 18th

7:00 pm - OpenIDEO | Open Innovation Community | SGOutpost #2

This will be the second session for the #trackingplastics / #circulardesignchallenge for the OpenIDEO SG Outpost.

Based on the opportunity statement: ‘How might we get products to people without generating plastic waste’.
We will use the research we have gathered and the insights we have uncovered to come up with some ideas and build them up together.
If you wish to attend this session but didn’t come to the first, that’s OK. Between now and then just spend a little time doing your own research if you can.
That can be understanding the public waste collection system in Singapore, tracking your own plastic use and discarding method, watching some videos, reading or interviewing someone and simply understanding other consumers patterns or manufacturing processes!
Anything around plastics and the system which might give you some inspiration.
The ideation session is where we combine the things we’ve learned, seen and observed with our free flow creativity. We may do this using personas and use cases if easier.
You can also learn more from the online platform which has further details on this particular challenge and other challenges.
As well as the possibility to put our ideas forward for judging and implementation by the distinguished committee, eventually our group, hope to develop some ideas to prototype locally here in Singapore.


Tuesday, July 18th
7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Spacemob Ascent
2 Science Park Drive #02-06, Singapore 118222

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