Made In Space: Rolling Robot

Saturday, June 24th

10:30 am - Made In Space: Rolling Robot

Made In Space: Rolling Robots

Build a rolling robot to navigate extreme environments

Last year, Sphero brought to reality the iconic rolling robot seen in various Star Wars movies: the BB-8. Amazing as it is, how is it possible for this ball-like robot to maintain its position when stationary, and move so smoothly when its told to do so?

The answer lies in two key aspects of robotics design: the mechanical system itself, and the control algorithm that regulates the system’s behaviour.

This workshop aims to provide a holistic experience to robotics design. We will start off with designing our own unique robot based on an in-house fabricated kit. This is followed by the mechanical assembly process. We will then follow up with the implementation and tuning of a suitable control algorithm, before ending off the workshop with a robot showcase session.

Taught by Stevanus Satria, Researcher, SUTD Robotics Innovation Lab

Event Dates

  • June 17 – New Space
    Why do humans want to go to space and what do rockets have to do with it?
    Speaker: Adam Gilmour – CEO, Gilmour Space Technologies
  • June 24 – Rolling Robot
    How do other planets drive the design of robotics here on earth?
    Speaker: Stevanus Satari – Researcher, SUTD Robotics Innovation Lab
  • July 1 – Design Reality
    How can we use virtual reality as a tool to build new worlds and understand them?
    Speaker: Sai-Kit Yeung, Assistant Professor, SUTD
  • July 8 – Cube Satellite
    What is a cube satellite and what goes on behind a mission control?
    Speaker: Bidushi Bhattacharya, Bhattacharya Space Enterprises
  • July 15 – First Contact
    Why does radio work in space and how do we know if an alien is communicating with us?
    Speaker: Roland Turner, Ham Radio Affacianado
  • July 22 – Big Structures
    How do you design large systems and machines which are made up of small components and infinite variables?
    Speaker: Lujie Chen, Assistant Professor, SUTD
  • TBA: Red Base
    If we were to go on a mission to space, will you bring raw materials, or will you bring a 3D printer?
    Speaker: Bradley Camburn, Chief Engineer, Gilmour Space Technologies
  • August 26-27: Symposium


Made In Space participants are invited to join the Grand Challenge: an open competition to develop visionary new concepts and prototype technologies for space exploration. At the end the 100-days, we will showcase our ideas and prototypes to the public at the Art Science Museum.  Sign-up for the grand challenge HERE.

The winning teams of the challenge will get:

  • Showcase their works at the ArtScience Museum
  • 10h of lasercutting + 90h of 3D printing time
  • Fab Maker In Residence, and share your knowledge and experience with others
  • An opportunity to launch your payload to space November 2017/ March 2018 (Courtesy of Gilmour Space Technology)

Challenge Briefs

A. Imagine you were on a mission when you realize that there is extra-terrestrial life. You are caught by surprise. It is a distance from you, you decide to move in closer. Design a method to get closer and communicate with the life form.

B. The planet is familiar yet it feels different. Design a system to sense the physical conditions of the planet. Devise a way to send it back to earth.

C. Spaces invite discovery, and you soon find problems. Design your own tool for new worlds.


Made In Space: Tools for New Designed Worlds is produced in partnership between the SUTD Digital Manufacturing & Design Centre, CodeKitchen, and FabCafe Singapore, with support from: the Singapore Art Science Museum, Gilmour Space Technologies, Skyopt, Bhattacharya Space Enterprises.


Saturday, June 24th
10:30 AM to 1:00 PM

FabCafe Singapore
ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018974

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