Insights-Driven Organisation: How Knowledge ROCKs

Wednesday, September 13th

6:30 pm - Insights-Driven Organisation: How Knowledge ROCKs

‘Survival of the fittest’ was first used by Herbert Spencer, to draw parallel between his economic theories and Darwin’s biological, evolutionary theory. In the current VUCA world, organisations which survive have redefined the meaning of ‘fittest’ to one that is ‘most aware and adaptable’ to change and disruption.

Through statistical (data), qualitative and quantitative analysis, an insight-driven organisation (IDO) actively use insights to raise awareness and adapt the way they do business. IDO leaders use insights to make more informed, more effective and more intelligent business decisions. This session shares some examples of successful IDOs, and how they had turned themselves into ‘Ready Organisations Creating Knowledge’.

(Tentative) Panel Sharing by:

  • Nurhayati Sabandi, Insights Lead, Ground Up Solutions (Singapore)
  • Hidayatullah Cahyatama, CEO, Cahyatama Consulting (Indonesia)


  • 6.30pm – Mingle with the speaker
  • 7pm – Presentation begins
  • 7.45pm – Questions from the audience
  • 8pm – 9pm – Networking / hanging out / chatting

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Faiz has extensive experience in organisation development across public and private sectors, where he delved into insights-driven decision making and technologies that facilitate data capture and sense making. One of the co-founders of Ground Up Solutions (Singapore), he is also Vice President (Global Network) of Information & Knowledge Management Society (Singapore).


Wednesday, September 13th
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Spacemob Gama
Jakarta (Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav C.22, level 33, Karet Kuningan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

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