Building user-focused digital services with the help of APIs

Thursday, September 14th

7:00 pm - Building user-focused digital services with the help of APIs

Join the Open API Initiative and Tyk on Thursday 14 September at The Hive Rooftop – 59 New Bridge Road, to learn more about how the Singapore Government builds user-focused digital services that make our lives easier.

The Singapore Government has long driven countrywide digital disruption, with the Government Digital Services (GDS) team focused on putting citizens right at the heart of its approach to service and platform design. What’s also integral to their plans for beneficial digital disruption? Their innovative use of APIs.

One such recent example of GDS’s innovative and effective projects is their development of APEX, a data-sharing platform. The recent project leveraged APEX to speed-up citizen’s access to vital services. Initially rolled out to public services, private financial institutions have recently also come on board for a joint pilot programme, after seeing the potential to join-up and improve their services to their customers.

How are these ambitious and important projects mapped out? What are the technical opportunities and challenges? How do they impact on private sector innovation? And how does the Government build upon global standards to encourage efficiency, effectiveness, security, and adoption across both agencies and the private sector?

As part of the Open API Initiative’s global day to celebrate the recently launched Open API Specification (previously known as Swagger), The Linux Foundation & Tyk are pleased to be joined by James Lee, Senior Manager – GovTech, John Tng, Senior Developer – GovTech, and Robin Cher, API Engineer, GovTech to tell us more.

Join us from 1900 onwards for a 1930 start, upon which talks and discussion will run until around 2015. After that, it’s celebration time until around 10pm, with beers, wine, soft drinks and light bites included in all ticket types. We also have limited early bird tickets available for those who move quickly!

This event is scheduled as part of the Day of OAS 2017, a worldwide celebration of all things to do with the Open API Specification (formerly known as Swagger). There will be events happening worldwide on 14 September; this will be the first ever Singapore Day of OAS event!

NB: The event is held at The Hive Co-Working space rooftop, and *not* GovTech Hive :)


Thursday, September 14th
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

The Hive Rooftop
59 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059405

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