August 4 + 5: Maker Faire

Maker Faire Singapore

Thursday, July 19th

4:49 pm - August 4 + 5: Maker Faire


Maker Faire Singapore

It’s hard to know how to describe the Maker Faire, a two-day “festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness,” but imagine a massive artisanal handcraft explosion where you go to play with cardboard machine guns, build your own portable handphone microscope and learn how to turn all that horrific Ikea furniture into something amazing.

Why it’s on the list
Ikea makes us cringe and we have dreams of DIY gone right (it never does). Can’t wait to meet the resourceful people who make amazing projects in their backyards, basements, and or at the Kampung.

More details
August 4th + 5th
10:00am -5:00pm
Science Center
15 Science Centre Road
There are ongoing workshops as well as booths. Check out the schedule online.

* We must give you fair warning: this is a kid-friendly, family-fun time type of event. We don’t usually love that scene, but the amazing craftsmanship on display at the Maker Faire more than makes up for the baby strollers.


Thursday, July 19th

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