Asia Corporate Women X Girls Bee Career Series

Tuesday, November 14th

6:40 pm - Asia Corporate Women X Girls Bee Career Series


Brought to you by Girls Bee and Asia Corporate Women communities, corporate ladies networking cum empowering series provide a safe environment to ask questions, share views and experiences, boost each other and exchange contacts.
Are you at a crossroad in your career? Tapped out on what you can learn in your current role? Concerned if you can stay relevant and the best way to grow? How to follow your passion and know you have maximised your chance to success?

To kick-off our series, we have invited Christina Teo who has had an impressive career spanning through several technology breakthrough paradigms – namely mainframes to minis to PCs to laptops, analog to broadband, dumb phones to smartphones, dotcom to startup, mostly out of Singapore. She has lived and worked in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe and New York. Starting with non-tech and non-biz background, she shares the tough decisions she took in her career and how that has shaped not only her career and confidence but also her personal destiny. She has worked for tech companies such as Acer, IBM, DEC, 3Com in Europe and Asia and experienced in more than 25 years in P/L business management and regional market in Technology and mobile. She was the first general manager of Yahoo!Singapore and launched the first windows smartphone branded O2 across Asia Pacific. And her last corporate role, after spending 4 years in NY pursuing her masters and personal goals, was as CMO of HK CSL.

Today she is back in Singapore only since 10 months ago and has built a visible Startup Asia Women community. She advises and coaches startup founders and corporate leaders. Her ambition is to be a role model for corporate women in embracing the startup paradigm and in living fulfilling lives, continuously learning. View her profile on

We will also have a breakout where we will discuss in groups around “difficult conversations” at work. So often women find themselves in situations where it is hard to voice out or maintain their stand calmly, objectively and tactfully without compromise. Bring your challenges to our gathering and leverage peer learning and some expert advice.

  • 18:45 Register and Network
  • 19:20 Introduction
  • 19:30 Fireside chat with Chrisitina Teo
    • How did she start in an industry or job she had no qualifications for?
    • How did she get/perform every job she never did before?
    • How her responsibility grew and how she got rewarded for it?
    • How did she get involved in some breakthrough stuff like launching the first windows smartphone (and with no phone experience)
    • She will share a lot of those stories about what are the strategic decisions she took and how she responded to opportunities through more than 2 decades of her corporate journey.
  • 20:00 Q&A
  • 20:15 Group Discussion Session (About difficult conversations at work)
  • 21:00 Regroup and share
  • 21:30 Wrap up.

ORGANISED BY Girls Bee and Asia Corporate Women

About Girls Bee

Girls Bee is a community and a platform that aims to empower and encourage women to live the way they want to be. We provide for women to learn, think and take action to become what they can be. It was founded in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan and has created many opportunities to show women the way to become what they want to be.

About Asia Corporate Women

Asia Corporate Women aims to connect women pursuing corporate careers to share challenges and successes in their journeys.


Tuesday, November 14th
6:40 PM to 9:40 PM

The Co. Singapore
75 High St, Singapore 179435

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