Rolls Royce X DSSG

Wednesday, February 21st

6:30 pm - Rolls Royce X DSSG

For the second (now should be third,I guess) meetup of 2018, we have data scientists from Roll-Royce to share with us the data science work they have done.

Important to know
(1) Note that given venue sponsor’s requirement, community members working in the following companies will NOT BE ADMITTED for the talk.

Procter & Gamble Company, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Reckitt Benckiser, Beiersdorf, Kao Corporation, Lion Corporation, Nestle, Ajinomoto; Fraser & Neave; General Mills, L’Oreal

(2) Please note of our attendance policy ( ). Attendees are REQUIRED to RSVP to the event to be allowed into the venue. People who are neither in the “going” nor “wait” lists will be turned away. For this meetup, people who did not give DataScience SG the company they are working in will also be turned away, as required by venue sponsor.

Please be considerate and update your RSVP if you are not able to make it.

Proposed Schedule & Synopsis

  • 1845 – 1900: Networking
  • 1900 – 2000: Using Data Science to improve Flight Operations.

Evolving from an engineering institution, Rolls Royce has made a move to provide digital service in the airline industry. The problems we are facing ranges from predictive maintenance in our jet engine and aircraft data to fuel efficiency and safety in airline operations. In this Data Science talk, find out how Rolls-Royce has spotted abnormality in sensor data, explored flight patterns that cost fuel, and used big data analysis to improve an airlines awareness of the challenges to safe flight. We will be able to see what the most significant challenge is, how it is growing within the aircraft fleet and how it compares to what you imagined. Using a combination of feature importance and co-violation analysis, we have developed a flight safety monitoring capability to statistically support pilots’ resilient decision and judgement.

  • 2000-2030: Q&A, networking

Speaker Profiles

As the Head of Operations, R2 Data Labs in Singapore, Christopher Murray is building a data innovation team in Singapore to collaborate with our customers by pioneering the use of data science, cloud computing and UX design to support better decision to make the customer operation more effective. After graduating as a Mathematical Engineer Chris started at Rolls-Royce developing high integrity software for Nuclear Reactor Protection Systems, Military Aircraft Fuel Systems and Train Autopilot systems. Chris then moved onto develop the Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace customer portal, its engine maintenance planning tool still supporting the world wide Trent Engine maintenance programme. Chris’ curiosity then grew for the connection between data and business dynamics, first developing a service providing the maintenance plan a disruption confidence balancing on the prediction of maintenance risk with the mitigation in the maintenance plan. Chris then moved onto deliver improvements to the TotalCare® Services spare parts demand forecasting and inventory management systems. Chris then undertook a role as a Business Development Consultant with accountability improvement of all the data services provided by Rolls-Royce in the Civil Aerospace sector before moving into his current role, here in Singapore.

Minh Nguyen is a data scientist at Rolls Royce. He worked in medical device development, manufacturing and civil aviation. His interests are on machine learning architect at scale and machine prognosis with deep learning on sensor and image data. ( )

At R2 Data Lab, Karthik Chidambaram works with Aviation customers for improving Fuel Efficiency and Aircraft performance using Statistics, AI and Machine Learning. ( )


Start: February 7, 2018 Wednesday 12:00pm

End: February 18, 2018 Sunday 6:00pm


Wednesday, February 21st
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

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Feb 21st 6:30 pm - Rolls Royce X DSSG

For the second (now should be third,I guess) meetup of 2018, we have data scientists from Roll-Royce to share with us the data science work they have done.

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