Funnel Metrics: Increasing Conversion Rates in the Pipeline

Wednesday, July 26th

6:30 pm - Funnel Metrics: Increasing Conversion Rates in the Pipeline

When we talk about conversion, we mean the action you want your a visitor to take when he’s on your website. In today’s cluttered information environment, it takes smart management to break through the clutter. However, paid advertisements are only getting more expensive! Spending more on ads is simply no longer an answer, especially when kinks in your sales pipeline need to be ironed out. Good businesses measure actions to understand their customers and optimize their processes. An optimised conversion funnel is critical to any online business’ success.

This session tackles the changing nature of how you manage your sales pipeline to increase sales. We have a great panel to share their wealth insights on what works in improving your conversion rates to grow your sales.

If you are involved in B2B complex sales, we will like to invite you to join our sales forum on 26 July 2017, 6.30pm till 8.30pm at SGInnovate, 32 Carpenter Street. Dinner will be provided. We are very privileged to have the following speakers with us to share about their success in streamlining their conversion funnels.

Registration: $30 fee for all participants

*This nominal fee collected will be used for the rental of space and refreshments given and to sustain this community. Fee stated is not inclusive of administrative Eventbrite charges.

Organised by the Singapore Enterprise Sales Meetup with support from AAISP and Pear Comms Pte Ltd.


Wednesday, July 26th
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

32 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059911

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