500 Startups B2B Revenue Roadmap Workshop

Monday, April 16th

9:00 am - 500 Startups B2B Revenue Roadmap Workshop

A must-attend for performance marketers managing the complex sales cycles. Addressing the topics of Account Strategies, Messaging Frameworks, Demand Acceleration and Sales Enablement. Get hands on experience to drive your business engagement and revenue.


Need to grow your sales and increase profit? Would you like to close large deals in half the time and find more qualified leads? A repeatable, productive sales process is crucial to growing sales, selling new products and opening new territories.

The B2B Workshop is hands-on 5 days workshop to help you accelerate your company growth by developing a systematic approach to think, solve, and act on growth initiatives.

We have many years experience selling complex products for start-ups as well as small and large enterprises.The workshop is led by actual Silicon Valley practitioners.

Strategic Partners

Supporting Partners

Venue Partner

Who Is It For?

You should apply if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You are searching for high-level and actionable strategies and frameworks
  • You want to learn prospecting, developing trust and credibility, identifying the buyer’s problems, overcoming resistance,
  • selling value, closing, and getting referrals for a repeat business
  • Your goals include higher profits, market share, conversions and customer retention
  • You already have a product-market fit
  • You have a committed core team


The program is divided in 2 parts

    We’ve created 5 blocks so that every role on the B@B marketing team can benefit from the workshop from your sales lead to your data scientist.
    Lectures will run Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
    The benefit of attending a live workshop is not just learning in the audience, but also working with your peers and engaging directly in dialogue with experts in your field. Learn from Roundtable Discussions where you join a group of about ten marketers to have practical, educational discussions about your current challenges. Learn from one-on-one 60-minute Coaching Clinics where you can get your specific questions answered by industry experts.

We believe that the best way for founders to learn sales is through collaboration, with a little guidance from experienced sales leaders.

This workshop is organized into FIVE topics that are essential for building The Revenue Roadmap for your startup.

Program Outline

    • The founder’s dilemma
    • Internal vs. external challenges
    • Defining your ideal customers
    • The building blocks: types of data
    • Silver bullets and trigger events
    • Reverse Engineering your ICP – activity
    • The Buyer’s Matrix – deliverable
    • Selling vs. Buying
    • Mapping the buyer’s journey
    • Types of Sales
    • Sales Process examples by industry type of sell
    • Sales Process best practices
    • Building Your Sales Process – activity
    • Roles within the process & Job Descriptions – deliverable
    • Hiring your first sales team: when and who
    • Defining roles within your process
    • Sales Roles and Profiles Panel -activity
    • SDR and Metrics
    • Aligning incentives
    • Sales Culture: having a revenue team mindset
    • Ideal candidate Profile – deliverable
    • Identifying high growth accounts
    • Expansion Scenarios (support, seats, buyers)
    • Strategic Alignment vs. Potential – activity
    • Mapping your Expansion strategy – deliverable
    • Account mapping
    • Learning from your customers (building things that don’t scale)
    • Sales Profitability and Financials
    • Unit economics
    • Lead Generation & Pipeline Math
    • Understanding your KPI’s and revenue targets
    • Measuring Success: targets vs. attainability
    • Closure: final pitches, comfort zones & overcoming fears

Meet Your Mentors

J. Ryan Williams, Founder of SalesCollider
Ryan spent the past 9 years perfecting go-to-market strategies for startups and building awesome B2B sales teams.

While he has closed millions personally, he is most proud of building great teams. He’s hired over 200 sales reps over the past 5 years for startups in industries ranging from advertising to hospitality software. In the process, his sales teams have brought in over $150M for startups such as AdRoll, LeadGenius and InVisionApp.

Ryan uses his corporate training and education background to teach proven sales methods to founders who are ready to start selling their product. And uses his social work background to coach and mentor founders and sales leaders at 500 Startups, GrowthX, and FirstRound Capital.

Jake Reni, Head of Sales Leadership Academy, Adobe
Jake Reni runs Adobe’s in house Sales Leadership Academy. Previously he managed the enterprise inside sales team at Adobe. In both roles he has focused his time and boundless energy on sales coaching, hiring and and team development.

Jake is no stranger to startups across many verticals (including SaaS, Marketing Tech, Sales Tech, Medical Tech, HR Tech, and Educational Tech industries). Previous startups that Jake has been involved with include Consensus (a tool for reducing the sales cycle), Hire-Vue (an HR Tech company offering video interviews) and Instructure (a SaaS learning management system for schools).

Jake’s passion for sharing technology and sales best practices has also earned him the role of president at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP)’s Salt Lake City, Utah chapter and also serves as Editor for the SalesHacker community.

Annelise Hussman, Head of Sales & Account Management, Mode Analytics
Annelies Husmann is Head of Sales and Account Management at Mode Analytics, where she was brought on to build and scale a world-class sales organization. Since joining Mode, she has grown the sales organization by 4X, increased the company’s ASP by 3X, and increased revenue by 10X.

Prior to her current role, she led the B2B Mid-Market team at AdRoll. Annelies has also been part of high-growth teams at Yammer (acquired by Microsoft) and Opower (acquired by Oracle). Throughout her career, Annelies has built several sales teams from the ground up and has experience working within B2B tech startups, publicly traded companies, and mid-market organizations.

During her free time, she is either backpacking through California’s mountains or cooking her way through one of her favorite cookbooks.

Brianna Salinas, Customer Success Consultant
Brianna’s passion is in building ethical, global communities to augment technology. At LeadGenius, Brianna was the first operations hire and built an international workforce of over 800 people in sales development, HR, project management and engineering. Later as the Director of Customer Success and Operations, Brianna was instrumental in helping raise a Series B of $15M from top tier investors.

Brianna has worked with over 500 companies on their sales, success and lead generation strategies but most notably are the enterprise clients, which included Google, eBay, Box, Amazon and Square.

Nikunj Handa, Operations Leads Stripe, South East Asia
Nikunj is the operations lead for Stripe in Southeast Asia and works with businesses across the region — from startups to public companies — to perfect their checkout experiences, manage fraud, stay compliant and improve conversion rates.

He’s passionate about using analytics to improve payment experiences. Prior to Stripe, Nikunj spent two years teaching software engineering to graduates at MEST, a non-profit educational institute in Ghana.

Greg Afong, SalesCollider
Greg Afong works at SalesCollider, where he supports early stage companies and their go-to-market strategy through consulting and events. Since joining SalesCollider, Greg has helped dozens of companies plan their sales process and analyze their operational procedures. He’s especially passionate about startups having clean revenue data.

At SalesCollider workshops, you’ll find Greg working with groups of founders to do everything from identifying their ideal customer, planning their sales process, analyzing customers ripe for account growth, and identifying target roles to hire for.

Greg is trained as an administrator of Salesforce.com, Hubspot, and Outreach.io as well

Stanley Chan, Head of Technology Partners – APAC, Amazon Web Services
Stanley is currently the Head of Technology Partners for Amazon Web Services, where he oversees a portfolio of software companies and technology solution partners across Asia Pacific.

He has over 20 years of experience working at leading high-tech companies and start-ups.

His area of expertise includes cloud, mobile and internet infrastructure technologies.

Su Hock Koh, Head of Channels – Dropbox South Asia
Su Hock currently leads the Asia channel and local business for Dropbox to empower collaboration in organisations of all sizes and to help all users unleash their personal and collective creativity. Previously he has spent time with both Symantec and Intel in various Asia Pacific roles.

Su Hock believes in harnessing the power of networks for the collective good. A lifelong curiosity, willingness to unlearn & relearn, openness to circumstances, and most importantly people around him have guided his career transitions over the past 2 decades. He also passionately believes in gaia Earth and community causes because all things are inter-connected on our planet.


Monday, April 16th
to April 20th

SMU Labs Active Learning Classroom, Level 3
SMU Labs, 71-77 Stamford Road, MPH Building, Singapore 178895

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