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Thursday, July 2nd

8:00 am - BANSEA Breakfast

Open your wings and fly little angel. This is an occasion for interested people to meet and discuss about early stage investments in an informal and relaxed manner. No agenda and no obligation!

11:30 am - IBM – Spark Signature Moment Singapore Event

Learn about IBM’s commitment to Open Source & Spark Innovation, and get to network with industry professionals over lunch.

6:30 pm - Hackathon@SG Bluemix Workshop (IOT, Mobile and SoftLayer)

A session to learn about IBM Cloud & IOT foundation, building mobile apps with Bluemix, SoftLayer and your hosting/computational requirements.

7:00 pm - Fuckup Nights – Singapore, Vol. III

A global movement to share business failure stories in a candid, irreverent way. Hear from 4 entrepreneurs as they share their stories.

Friday, July 3rd

12:00 pm - Algorithms used in Games: Any-Angle Path Finding in Open Spaces

Get an overview of the most effective algorithms for generating realistic paths using a grid-based approximation of open spaces.

12:30 pm - Collabor[EAT] – ‘‘‘Cross-platform App Development: Do you have what it takes?”

Learn how to market effectively on mobile messaging platforms.

5:00 pm - MAAD Pyjamas

A night of pop-ups and a creative showcase of original works, heartfelt compositions and 100% local creative community spirit.

Saturday, July 4th

9:00 am - ProductCamp Singapore

A collaborative, user organized unconference focused on Product Management and Marketing topics.

9:00 am - Training Workshop for Tweeq

A crash course in the basics of using the tweeq, getting started, controlling the I/Os, as well as Wired and Wireless (BLE) serial communication.

9:00 am - Training Workshop for Unity 5 – UNITY HERO

In this intermediate level session, trainees will learn the features of Unity that are commonly utilized in games.

9:00 am - Scratch Training Workshops for Junior Category

A 3-hour training session that covers the basic features of Scratch – from creating sprites to creating a storyboard to get sprites to interact with each other.

10:00 am - Training Workshop for Nabu X

A 2-hour training workshop for Nabu X – from introducing Nabu companion app to aid development, to a walk-through of Nabu X Android SDK.

8:00 pm - City Nomads After Hours Series 02

A collaboration with Ô Comptoir to give you more reasons to get out of house for a pre-game on a Saturday night in proper French style.

Sunday, July 5th

5:00 pm - Irie Vibrations x Singapura Dub Club – Reggae On The Rooftop

Complete your weekend with reggae on The Rooftop, Caribbean-inspired food and drinks! Party with artists and our resident Singapura Dub Club DJ’s.

Monday, July 6th

8:00 am - ATS Singapore 2015

A one-day event that offers a more in-depth look at the programmatic media industry and future trends in advertising & marketing technology.

7:00 pm - Angular and JHipster night!

Learn about JHispter and migrating a JSP application to AngularJS at the upcoming Singapore Spring User Group meetup.

Tuesday, July 7th

6:30 pm - Harnessing the Power of Cloud with Azure

Find out how you can leverage on the speed of deploying Azure cloud services to manage your web apps, infrastructure and mobile back-ends.

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