Thursday, October 19th

6:00 pm - OMG, The future of Change!

Featuring Vansa Chatikavanij, Managing Director at OmiseGO and Francisco Bernardo, CMO at Change Bank, moderated by Jeffrey Chua, Analyst at Golden Gate Ventures. We will be discussing the Ethereum projects that OmiseGO and Change Bank are working on, and its intended impact.

7:00 pm - AWS User Group Singapore

Join 4 speakers as they share all things AWS and how it’s implemented in their organization.

7:00 pm - Thursday Social – Networking Session

Join us for our monthly evening networking event for creative freelancers, designers, photographers, programmers, and entrepreneurs on the rooftop of The Hive Singapore.

Monday, October 23rd

7:00 pm - Product tank #13 – Machine learning to enhance product strategy

This month’s talk will focus on the subject of machine learning applied to digital product management. Jaime Pabon (Head of Strategy at a leading digital agency in Dubai and tech startup ex-founder) will cut through the AI hype and discuss the impact of machine learning in the widely accepted digital product management principles and best practices.

Wednesday, October 25th

8:00 am - Devopsdays Singapore 2017

The conference that brings developers and ops together.

1:00 pm - 71% of software projects fail! Learn the essential steps for success

Learn the essential steps that a custom web or mobile application project should take before developments starts. Improve your chance of meeting budgets and deadlines, not to mention the quality expectations of your project’s stakeholders.

4:30 pm - Microsoft Tech series: Machine Learning and the Cloud

Join us at our inaugural Microsoft Tech series, and be introduced to a primer on machine learning and discuss the ways that cloud computing is allowing us to build and deploy better models.

6:30 pm - Digital (Web) Analytics Wednesdays Singapore

Join three fantastic speakers at Google’s new venue as they discuss about all things digital.

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