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Monday, May 25th

6:30 pm - Introduction to Growth Hacking

Learn about growth hacking and how you can apply new strategies to significantly increase your customer base.

6:30 pm - HackerNest Singapore Tech Social – May 2015

A fun & relaxed meetup to connect with the local tech community. No agenda!

Tuesday, May 26th

6:00 pm - Hungary?! Mid Week Event – Duxton Entrepreneurs

Hang out with Hungarians from the Hungarian Trading house. For anyone who wants to invest in or use Hungarian companies for great tech.

7:00 pm - Mastering SEO to Boost User Acquisition – Growth Hacking Singapore

An event all about SEO best practices for startups. Learn tactics and tools to optimize search engine results in order to acquire new customers.

Wednesday, May 27th

8:50 am - Next Bank Asia

A two-day conference, curated and run by banking practitioners, covering the very latest thinking in financial services.

12:30 pm - Today’s Advanced Technologies of Part Manufacturing Solutions & Tool Costing

Learn how you can enhance your capability workflow with the advanced technologies of part manufacturing solutions & tool costing.

4:00 pm - Advanced Design Workshop

Luigi Memola, a 3D Artist and Concept Designer, shares his design process & techniques, and how you can use KeyShot to create stunning visuals.

7:00 pm - Media, Public Relations & Video Marketing Every Business Can Use

Overcome any daunting thoughts about the media and find out how to successfully engage the media though multiple ways.

7:30 pm - Meet and Greet #8: Bringing Light to Lives

Learn how Nusantara Development Initiatives (NDI) is creating access to technology and other social impact goods, and their focus on the nexus between women, development goals and social impact.

Thursday, May 28th

8:00 am - Innotribe Startup Challenge 2015 – Singapore

An event that features fast-paced pitches, insights on the latest fintech innovation, and provide networking opportunities to all attendees.

6:30 pm - Startup Grind Singapore Hosts Roshni Mahtani (CEO at Tickled Media)

Our monthly meetup that provide opportunities to connect with amazing startups and the people behind them – joined by Roshni Mahtani (CEO at Tickled Media)

7:00 pm - Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Meetup#4

Learn and discuss about VR therapy for selective mutism children and 3D Scanner with the VR community in Singapore.

7:00 pm - 1st Bluemix SG Meetup: Bluemix + IoT = Smart Data

Join Stephan Wissel from IBM as he talks about IoT on Bluemix – a hardware and IoT maker.

7:00 pm - SheSays Singapore – Confidence

A women-only event to learn about Confidence with CEO of Publicis Singapore – Lou Dela Pena.

Friday, May 29th

12:00 pm - Functional Programming from First Principles

Learn about the principles of functional programming using Church’s Lambda Calculus via a series of demos.

7:00 pm - Art After Dark at Gillman Barracks x Singapore Open Media Art Festival

A three-day night festival presents the works of Korean, Singaporean and European Artists. Join the after party for a night of grooves!

Saturday, May 30th

1:00 pm - Pre-launch User Acquisition Workshop

A hands-on workshop to learn some of the most effective and low-cost strategies, viral tactics and tools for your startup’s pre-launch user acquisition.

Upcoming Events

Jun 2nd - Ruby Meetup – RDRC Edition

A Singapore Ruby Group June Meetup that coincides with RDRC to catch up with international friends in town for Ruby week!

Jun 3rd - Does Mobile-First Mean Content First?

A deep dive into some great examples of content that has delivered on mobile, with a panel presenting some class content examples & the KPIs they delivered.

Jun 3rd - Content counts! Three tips to develop, produce & package content with a remote team

Learn how an Upwork client creates great content with a team of remote freelancers, and how his team can provide a steady stream of high quality content.

Jun 4th - RedDotRubyConf 2015

RedDotRubyConf is the largest Ruby conference in South East Asia – a two day single-track event that brings together renowned Rubyists (and community).

Jun 23rd - Echelon Asia Summit June 2015

Asia’s premier technology & business event that celebrates Asia’s brightest technology and digital innovations, promising startup companies, and change-makers.

Check out more events by clicking on full calendar