Tuesday, July 26th

10:00 am - TAG.PASS for IBM Watson – Singapore Session

An event to recruit for the TAG.PASS for IBM Watson Accelerator Programme.

2:00 pm - The Role of Entrepreneurial Networks: Insights from the Singapore Tech Entrepreneurs’ Network Map Project

Hear the overview of the social networks of Singapore’s startup entrepreneurs, comparisons with those in London & New York, and the support system.

5:30 pm - Stripe presents Japan Night

Stripe is sharing what’s happening now in the startup scene with Japanese businesses coming to Singapore and vice versa.  It’s a great opportunity to mingle with other startups and VCs and grab a drink with the Stripe team. 

7:00 pm - Singapore Ruby Group July Meetup

Come hear about other Ruby developers’ startup technology stack, new RubyGem, or opinions on best practices.

7:00 pm - Git Meetup 0.5.0: July!

Come learn all about Git and network with fellow enthusiasts and practitioners!

7:00 pm - Pushing the Envelope: Key Learnings from Cannes Festival of Creativity 2016

Join CEO of Zeno Group, Barby Siegel in a discussion on creativity and key learnings from Cannes.

Wednesday, July 27th

1:00 pm - National Science Experiment @ Urban Lab

Get first-hand learning experience of Big Data and its application to real-world issues.

3:00 pm - BANSEA 2016 Seminar Series: Tech Startup And Growth Company M&A

Learn how to plan and understand potential exits options in advance.

6:00 pm - Turbo Charge Your IoT Startup

An interactive get-together to receive insights from a business, supply chain and investment perspective to build and scale your startup.

Thursday, July 28th

9:00 am - Adobe Symposium 2016

Come and learn how you can combine creativity, content and data to create amazing customer experiences.

9:00 am - Startup Summit

A one-day summit to equip you with the skills required for your startup journey.

5:00 pm - Messaging and Bots in 2016: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Come to learn more about the exciting possibilities, as well as challenges and pitfalls, that messenging offers to businesses both big and small.

5:30 pm - A*PECSS Tech Talk Lab to Market: Stem Cell Technology

Learn about the latest technological advances and product development within A*STAR and network with A*STAR early career researchers.

6:30 pm - iOS Dev Scout July Meetup

Come learn about iOS Automation, Swizzling, Swift Server and network with other iOS developers.

6:45 pm - FUTURE READY: How To Think Differently

Be motivated to challenge your current thinking style and move away from old patterns to help you generate new, fresh ideas.

7:00 pm - We Found This

A networking forum that reinvigorates the ‘show and tell’ to connect you with new people, new ideas, and a community passionate about learning & discovery.

7:00 pm - Letterlove v3: The World in Words

Join Jean Francois Porchez as he shares about typographic wisdom in creating custom typefaces for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

9:00 pm - Evidence-based Medicine vs Alternative Medicine

Join Dr. Ronald Ng as he shares about the differences between using art & science to approach medicine.

Friday, July 29th


Come work up an appetite for design & find out why design matters! End the day with yummy local fare & good company.

7:00 pm - Pre-Challenge Workshop 1 (Climate Innovation Challenge 2016)

Learn about the challenge statements and be exposed to Internet of Things (IoT) hardware & cloud-based machine learning resources.

Saturday, July 30th

9:00 am - Pre-Challenge Workshop 2 (Climate Innovation Challenge 2016)

Experience first-hand the life of a JTC estate manager and learn how you can address the motivations of companies towards sustainable behaviour through programs and big data.

10:30 am - Weekend Chatter: Exploring the future of journalism and new media content

Join our esteemed panel for discussions of old-fashioned journalism while adapting for a digital-age audience.

Sunday, July 31st

2:30 pm - PokemonGO SG Mass Walk

Singapore’s first ever PokemonGO Mass Walk to start catching some Pokemon.

Monday, August 1st

8:00 am - BANSEA Breakfast

A great occasion for interested people to meet and discuss on early stage investments in an informal and relaxed manner.

Upcoming Events

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