Super Mario meets the headless horseman on Halloween!

Tuesday, Oct 28th

9:00am – Cloud in Practice - Be inspired by big data! See the future! Enjoy a grand buffet!  By invite only and you’re invited :)

10:00am – Kopi Chat - Join Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, and one of the original founders of the .NET project. Hear about the best bits of Azure and its ability to support multiple languages.

7:00pm – Business Rocks – Mr Entrepreneur X Factor Dave Rogers who will be asking “What is Your X Factor in Entrepreneurship?” Discover your X Factor as a conscious entrepreneur or valued member of a high performance team.

7:00pm – Headless Drupal: Using advanced, modern front-end technologies with Drupal! - The horseman is after you!

7:00pm - SG Ruby Meetup - Ruby fun and pizzas for programming polyglots.

Wednesday, Oct 29th

9:00am – Agile in Business - Exploring the depth and breadth of Agile software development across all practices, and perspectives.

6:00pm –  The Impact of Digital Health – Building Momentum in Singapore? - Please join us to meet the startups and the investors making Singapore a hub of  digital health startups.

7:00pm – Woolf Works Wednesday - Aimee Barnes of Tangram Fitness talks about ‘Lifting the Weight to Lighten the Load: Lessons From a Journey Into Competitive Bodybuilding’

7:00pm – How to Win Your Customers’ Hearts - Lee Li Ping, CEO of Sogurt has built 6 frozen yogurt stores around Singapore in just 4 years. She’s done this by building a strong culture and community around her brand. Learn how.

7:00pm  – Founder’s Drinks – CEO of migme, Steven Goh, will take the great leap with you from startup to IPO as he shares his experience, actionable tips and tactics to help you generate, identify and maximize your startup’s opportunities.

7:00pm – Green Drinks: Developing the Sharing Economy – Explore the sharing economy in Singapore – how it works, its progress and challenges here.Speakers include Eugene Tay of the Sharing Economy Association (Singapore), Fenni and Swito of Rent Tycoons, and Hon Meng of BlockPooling.

Thursday, Oct 30th

6:30pm – The Role of Agencies in the Age of Content Marketing - Learn how clients work out who is best to help them win in Content Marketing & which agency groups truly can claim they have content marketing value to add?

7:15pm – Data Science Pechakucha MIT SENSEable City Labs – 6 minute presentations on data and the world.

Friday, Oct 31st

5:00pm – Friday Feeds@Blk71 – Roti Prata – Join Plugin@BLK71 to feed on good food amidst good company and catch up on news in the startup community.

6:00pm – Zombie Acoqalypse – Driven only by an insatiable thirst for Beer and Juicy Flesh!

Saturday, Nov 1st

9:00am – BarCamp Johor Bahru - The unconference is hitting JB!

9:00am – Negotiation and Communication as a Life Skill - My Shaolin temple style defeats your monkey style! (Or not!)  Improve your conflict resolution expertise and maintain relationships and control the outcome better than Michael Scott!

9:30am – We Tech Care – Microsoft believes that technology can empower people to realize their full potential.


Nov 6th – Level up your Marketing - “Thank you Mario but the princess is in another castle!” Learn how can you take your marketing to the next level and save the princess…