Tuesday, October 25th

1:00 pm - 8 Essential Steps To Scope and Plan a Custom Web or Mobile Applications

8 Essential Steps To Scope and Plan a Custom Web or Mobile Applications

7:00 pm - Activate Your Job Search with a Killer CV

Insights, practical tips and useful tools to craft that killer CV.

7:00 pm - October Ruby Meetup

Come network and learn all about Ruby at this meetup session.

7:00 pm - So You Think You Want To Be A Product Manager

Join General Assembly and TradeGecko to learn about what a day in the life entails for a product manager.

7:30 pm - HHSG OCT 25: US Elections Special Edition

Come discuss all things US Elections coverage – in graphics that is. From what we’ve liked, not liked and hope to see more of as the countdown to Nov 8 polling day edges closer.

Wednesday, October 26th

10:00 am - Athena Cappuccino Connections

Cappuccino Connections are sophisticated, informal networking sessions for female executives and entrepreneurs held at the 5 Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

12:30 pm - Lunch & Learn: How To Avoid Burn Out

The Change School is sharing how to avoid burnout but I’m too burnt out to care… Don’t get to this point!

6:30 pm - Big Data for Enterprise!

Red Dot Innovation meetup: Big Data for Enterprise!

Thursday, October 27th

8:00 am - Open Coffee Club Singapore – Halloween Edition

OpenCoffee Club is back! Join local entrepreneurs, developers and investors to chat, network and grow our tech community. Halloween Edition!

6:30 pm - BEAM Investor Connect Singapore (Day 2)

An exclusive event dedicated towards creating more opportunities for warm introductions between Founders and Investors in the form of short private sessions.

6:30 pm - Singapore+Acumen Social #1

Come connect with individuals who share a passion for changing the way the world tackles poverty, to exchange ideas, and to build a strong community of local changemakers.

6:30 pm - Experiential Storytelling Through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Explore how technology has changed the way marketers can interact with their clients and how to effectively use these tools to tell stories, engage and interact with their target audiences.


Join 3 promising tech startups to share with you how their technology can help expand your customer base.

7:00 pm - talk.js

Come learn about Babel plugins and write code that writes code and mingle with JavaScript & modern web technology developers.

7:00 pm - Building A Business People Love: The Beauty Edition

A panel of movers and shakers in the complex and impressive world of Singapore’s beauty business will share how they have grown their businesses around their passion for beauty over the years.

7:00 pm - Perspectives of Growth Series Session 2: User Retention: What, Why & How?

Perspectives of Growth Series Session 2: User Retention: What, Why & How? Learn from the pros at Hubspot and ShopBack on the best ways to keep users!

7:00 pm - We Found This #3

A new type of networking forum that reimagines the ‘show and tell’ to help you meet new people, be exposed to fresh thinking, and help build a community passionate about learning and discovery.

7:30 pm - Breaking the Glass Ceiling: do gender stereotypes impact political success?

Join us for an evening of discussion on whether gender impacts political trajectories and on whether there is hope for a more gender-neutral political scene in the future.

Friday, October 28th

12:00 pm - Microsoft ACE Tech Talk (Oct)

This exclusive tech session will provide a walkthrough of data science fundamentals and typical data science problem solving approaches.

12:00 pm - Startup Autobahn Singapore Weekly Pitches (Industry Challenge)

Mercedes-Benz will be holding weekly pitch sessions to hear how you are able to solve the following industry challenge.

3:00 pm - Funding Workshop: IPO on the ASX – an alternative to Series B

Tap into the combined expertise of senior ASX advisers to get the latest information on how Asian-based start-ups can access equity funding in the Australian capital markets.

6:30 pm - Open Air Cinema Club: Oculus (Halloween Edition)

What better way to celebrate the festive of Horror than with a nightmare-inducing thriller? Join in for the Halloween movie screening on the Hive Rooftop.

7:00 pm - GCP Data Protection Show Case & GCP Machine learning Demonstration

Come find out more about the best practice of modern data protection solutions to accelerate organization’s business transformation while addressing security and availability concern.

7:30 pm - Fuze Nights: YWLC Ladies Night Edition

An evening of connecting, learning and inspiration from the women leading social change in Singapore and beyond.

Upcoming Events

Nov 8th - How to Get Funded: Map of the Money

Hear about the vision and methodology behind putting together Map of the Money 4.0, along with tips to entrepreneurs and startups based in Singapore on how to get funded.

Nov 18th - Singapore DevFest.Asia 2016

Southeast Asia’s Community Organized Web Developer Festival

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