Shipping, Slipping and Eating food from a truck with the fat kids.

Hey friends,
Once again this week is too busy to make just one list. Please check the calendar to see more tech, networking, design and Singapore stuff to do! I’m off to Japan for TIA’s Startup Tokyo, if you’re there, hit me up and we’ll grab some ramen :)


Monday, August 25th

2:30pm – Experience Design  - To innovate your business, start with the customer! Figure out the fundamentals of experience design and its methodology with two experts from Foolproof. 

6:30pm – iOS Dev Scout - They’re still trying to find that princess, this time she’s hiding out over at PayPal.

7:00pm – talk.js  – They’re such gossips! Thomas is sharing the (WevRTC) magic and Sebs is coating it in sugar. We love these guys.

7:00pm - Women in Engineering: Girls Today, Engineers Tomorrow - WOMEN IN SINGAPORE, GET ON THIS.

Tuesday, August 26th

8:30am – IP Week @SG - Delve into the latest trends and developments in the IP landscape, including IP valuation and financing, IP monetisation, patent analytics, and more.

9:00am – Bluemix Startups & Developers Workshop - Move over ‘Sharing Economy’, IBM is declaring this ‘API economy’.  Join them to learn the fundamentals of building and deploying your application in the cloud.

4:00pm – Intel RealSense Challenge - Remove barriers! Unleash your imagination! Make history with Intel!

7:00pm – Business Rocks! - The ‘Singapore’s Got Talent’ edition of this networking night, this time featuring business people with a weird wacky or wonderful musical talent.

7:00pm – Startup Grind - Meet Julian Lee  of Ambi Labs and learn more about the hardware startup changing the paradigm of how consumers interact with common household appliances for better usability.

7:30pm – Singapore PHP User Group - Moses is pointing the way to the holy land. It’s full of  Cake. I will follow this man…

Wednesday, August 27th

7:00pm – Woolf Works Wednesday - Wine, food, art and community (for everyone) at this inaugural monthly social night at this all-female co-working space.

Thursday, August 28t

9:00am – Idea Generation and Design Thinking  – Challenge yourself to think on an exciting problem related to a big financial institution that wants to present the right information at the right time to their customers.

5:00pm – Raising a Series A for your company  - Learn what they look for in a company during series A funding and the best practices to approach investors and make the right contacts.

6:30pm – Investor coming: Rescue Needed. SOS - Learn about the accounting problems startup owners face and the solutions that work, a definitive event for those who are serious about preparing for investment.

6:30pm - Green Drinks  – Checking out aquaculture with SmartAqua and OnHand Agrarian.  Build relationships with scientists, NGOs and government agencies involved in biodiversity research and policy in Singapore and South East Asia.

7:30pm – SoLoMo Thursday  - Hear how top Fashion labels are branding themselves on Mobile & Social Media, check out case studies of Burberry and Converse, and understand how fashion marketers are measuring ROI on their marketing efforts.

Friday, August 29th

12:00pm – To ship or to slip? by @Kevin Ng of Expedia Asia -  Repeat after me, it will never be perfect. Learn how how product and engineering teams focus on shipping fast and early (it may be imperfect but always a learning experience!)

4:00pm – Friday Feeds – Mooncakes! - Feed those hungry ghosts and get a dose of startup news from Plugin@blk71.

7:00pm – The Singapore Night Festival - There’s a TON to do at this ‘Bold and Beautiful’ art festival!  Check out the really, really free market or laugh along side the improve group, Fat Kids are Harder to Kidnap.

Saturday, August 30th

10:00am – Orange Hive + The HUB | Photo Hack (Branding & Adobe) - A day of hands-on learning to photograph, edit, and brand.

10:00am – Rails Girls Meetup - Learning how to program might seem daunting (it really isn’t) but don’t worry, this supportive group of women are here to help you along.

3:00pm – Circuit stickers Maker Party - Circuit stickers are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting electronic circuits. You can use them to add electronics to any paper, fabric and plastic surface. Come tinker, experiment and build something fun!

6:30pm – BoP Special: The Business Solution to Poverty - Come learn how to design business to alleviate poverty.

7:00pm – The Local People x Singapore Art Museum Night Market - More Night Festival fun, this time with a food truck!

Sunday, August 31st

4:00pm – Tête-à-Tête - Heads down in the world of words (just not in English!). Join for this fun language immersion popup!