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Monday, July 6th

8:00 am - ATS Singapore 2015

A one-day event that offers a more in-depth look at the programmatic media industry and future trends in advertising & marketing technology.

7:00 pm - Angular and JHipster night!

Learn about JHispter and migrating a JSP application to AngularJS at the upcoming Singapore Spring User Group meetup.

Tuesday, July 7th

6:30 pm - Harnessing the Power of Cloud with Azure

Find out how you can leverage on the speed of deploying Azure cloud services to manage your web apps, infrastructure and mobile back-ends.

Wednesday, July 8th

6:00 pm - FinTech Social: FinTech Bingo

join for a game of FinTech BINGO, drinks & networking! Meet the participants of the Startupbootcamp FinTech Singapore 2015 Program.

6:30 pm - JavaScript Code Smells – Straight from the developer’s mouth

Discuss how the code smells in real applications (featuring Exact Software) by the very own developers who maintain them, and how to be better at JS / jQuery.

6:30 pm - The Future of User Experience

Learn how the user experience discipline has evolved alongside the digital industry & its future implications with Josh Payton (VP, User Experience @ Huge).

7:00 pm - Growth Hacking – From one user to millions

Join GeekGirl Meetup for an evening of exploring how to grow a startup: Growth Hacking – from one user to millions.

Thursday, July 9th

6:00 pm - Legal Terms for Early Stage Investments and Legalese by BANSEA and TiE

Learn the key legal aspects to look at when investing in early stage companies and what you need to do when it happens.

6:30 pm - Drive Customer Behaviour through Social Influence

Digimind and Hootsuite would like to invite you for an evening of social and competitive intelligence insights and networking! Learn how to understand a brand’s digital reputation and best serve the customer.

6:30 pm - Be a Co-Founder to startups with ready patented technologies

An opportunity for individuals to come onboard as Co-founders! Ready startups. Patented technologies. Ready technical teams.

7:00 pm - ArtScience Late

ArtScience Museum presents 2015:time:space – a collaborative work of voices, electronic instruments, live processing, tape and video.

7:00 pm - Introduction to Lean User Experience Design

Learn to demystify user experience by giving a practical and simple introduction to what UX, as well as understand some of its core concepts of usability.

Friday, July 10th

12:00 pm - Hands-on Haskell

Learn to develop in Haskell and fast track your entry by going over a decent set of fun exercises!

Saturday, July 11th

9:00 am - Training Workshop for Unity 5 – UNITY SUPERHERO

An advanced lesson to learn how to apply your knowledge of Unity application development to headset devices such as the VR One & Google Cardboard.

1:00 pm - Workshop: Pre-launch User Acquisition

A hands-on workshop to learn some of the most effective & low-cost strategies, viral tactics and tools to master your startup’s pre-launch user acquisition & launch.

4:00 pm - Singapore Stories – Urban Screening

A fun-filled event where five uniquely Singaporean stories are presented through the lens of local filmmakers in their maiden films for Discovery Channel.

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