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99 problems and a pitch ain't one.

Monday, April 27th

11:30 am - Free Burritos at Baja Fresh!

Choose your fav Baja Fresh Burrito / Bowl and get it absolutely free? YES! MORE FREE MEXICAN FOOD!

6:00 pm - NoSQL Cutting Through the Hype & Pervasive Analytics (Building a Data Strategy)

Matt Brandwein, & Akmal B. Chaudhri discuss pervasive analytics and cutting through the NoSQL database hoopla and hype. Snip!

6:30 pm - Coding For Beginners: HTML & CSS

Learn all about HTML and CSS, along with key coding terminology and principles, to write your own code and develop your own simple site.

7:00 pm - Financial Modelling for Business Decisions

A hands-on workshop designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to learn about finance fundamentals and financial modelling.

7:00 pm - The Lean Way To Ace Your Pitch

Part 2 of the “Founders meet Funders” series. Pitch till you can’t pitch anymore…

Tuesday, April 28th

8:30 am - Big Data World Show Singapore 2015

An event to create awareness and educate professionals and organisations about the advent of Big Data and its potential to improve businesses & management.

9:00 am - InnovFest unbound

The famed 2 day innovation festival connecting brands & global corporations with disruptive technology and creative insights to fuel innovation and growth.

7:00 pm - Singapore Ruby Group April Meetup

Open sesame! Join for a session about the dangers of open-uri and remote code execution, as well as the decorator in Ruby.

Wednesday, April 29th

3:30 pm - Planning for Failure

Forming a startup? It’s pretty likely that you’re going to fail! Don’t fret, but do have plan, just in case things don’t work out.

5:30 pm - Pre-Hack Workshop – DBS Blockchain Hack

Brainstorm challenge solutions with Neuroware (Blockstrap) and Bitx and start pre-hack, hack, hacking away.

6:30 pm - Digital Marketing For Everyone

This workshop will give you an overview of their digital marketing possibilities, and help you decide where you can best spend your marketing resources.

6:30 pm - Founders Drinks April

Passionate entrepreneurs, developers and investors kick back with a drink and learn from the successes of each other. This month check ouot hacking UI/UX with Angela Ognev and Michael Chen.

6:30 pm - Founders Drinks April – Hacking UI/UX with Angela Ognev and Michael Chen

Join Angela Ognev and Michael Chen for a workshop filled with drinks and an evening of UX puzzles.

7:00 pm - EdTech Meetup #1 – EdTech Ecosystem Panel

Come join and network with the local EdTech community for EdTech Asia’s innaugural and free event.

Thursday, April 30th

12:00 am - Security Startup Challenge

Protect the world from cyberthreats! Join the three month acceleration program which will help you transform your cybersecurity solution into a real business.

9:00 am - Find Your Purpose – Visioning Workshop

Come prepared for deep discussions and to be challenged to uncover a new layer to yourself with a group of open-minded individuals.

1:00 pm - Singapore Qualifiers – Echelon Asia Summit 2015

Pitch your startup at the Regional Qualifier for E27’s big event. It’s the expressway for startups to reach out to a regional market!

3:00 pm - SiTF PPPO – Be Equipped with The IT Essentials

A “value for money” IT Essentials workshop. Because bargain basement IT is what all companies need…

6:30 pm - Raising Series A fund

Seeking the right funding at the right time and from the right source makes all the difference.

7:00 pm - Makers Meetup! Maker Faire 2015

A Makers Meetup to share ideas for the Maker Faire.

7:30 pm - Weekly Meetup@TechHub

An event where investors, entrepreneurs and enthusiast come together over chips and nachos to share ideas, experiences and opportunities.

8:30 pm - Science Café SG: What is the real CSI?

Is forensic science as glamorous as what you see on CSI? Join Dr Ng Ngan Kee as she shares about the various branches & applications of forensic science.

Sunday, May 3rd

10:00 am - ThoughtWorks Singapore Code-A-Thon

Showcase your programming skills in a one day contest and get rewarded with exciting prizes. No seriously, the prizes are supr-duper exciting.

Upcoming Events

Apr 30th - Singapore Qualifiers – Echelon Asia Summit 2015

Pitch your startup at the Regional Qualifier for E27’s big event. It’s the expressway for startups to reach out to a regional market!

May 6th - Tech in Asia Singapore 2015

Tech in Asia’s signature event featuring a night crawl, investor dating and a main stage interviews with Asia’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors.

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