Eff Ya, it’s F1! Founder of YouTube is coming to town

Monday, September 15th

7:00pm – Front End TL;DR  – Totally too long, didn’t read.  Get it?

7:00pm – Papers We Love SG #002 – What was the last paper within the realm of computing/technology you read and loved? Does the Steve Jobs biography count?

Tuesday, September 16th

10:00am – How to Use LinkedIn for Business – Leverage the power of social selling to generate more leads and clients.

7:00pm – GoSG – Debugging performance and A/B testing framework on Golang.

7:00pm  – “Why am I still a developer?”  – James Grenning (pioneer of eXtreme Programming, one of the original authors of Agile manifesto and the Test-Driven Development for Embedded C ) shares why he is still a developer.

Wednesday, September 17th

9:00am – The B2B Marketing Workshop Module 2: A marketer’s job isn’t what it used to be. Now we have this thing called the interwebs.  Find out how to use it for conversing & converting.

2:00pm – Web analytics helps – Welcome the Web Analytics Consultants Association from japan and learn how web analytics will help entrepreneurs (+ their insight from Japan).

5:00pm – Tech in Asia Meetup Singapore – Meet Rosaline Koo and hear how she went from ghetto to MNC to startup world.

7:00pm – Spacejam – #1 – Meet Hello Stranger (Photobooth) and Jonny Lee (Emcee) and figure out how to spice up your clients’ or company’s year-end corporate events.

7:00pm – Creative Crew Talks – An evening with Preetam Rai - Move to social media marketing on Facebook with subtlety and authenticity.

7:30pm – How to build a modern PR strategy for your startup – Instead of old tricks that create spikes of traffic that don’t convert — how do you use modern PR tactics to drive awareness that leads to results?

Thursday, September 18th

12:30pm – IAB Training #5 | Digital Video Essentials for Brands, Agencies and Marketers - No matter what your role or current involvement with digital video, you can take advantage of improvements and growth within this market.

3:00pm – Innovation Optimised - Learn more about the PIC scheme and gain useful tips to optimise and secure your PIC claims, and then get more tax deductions and cash to grow your business!

6:30pm – Eat Your Architecture – It’s delish.

6:30pm – The New Pr/Social & Digital Media Landscape - Learn to use new marketing tools that have been reshaping the world we live in today.

Friday, September 19th

10:00am – Women’s Startup Conversations - All about women who want to be inspired, who want to explore starting their own venture, or are in the midst of startup life.

F1 weekend begins! – If you don’t have a party planned, head to the club. Whatever you do: Do NOT stay at home, indulging in a netflix binge in your PJs.  This is the weekend to bust out your moves.

Sunday, September 21st

3:00pm – Sunday at the Training Shed - Featuring live music from guests Mystro and DJ DSK, live graffiti, the d.i.y. kid’s playground, bbq, beers and good vibes all day.


Sept 26th –  Founders Talk: The YouTube Success Story - YouTube Co-Founder, steve Chen, will inspire you to build a world renowned, multi-billion dollar internet business.