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Tuesday, July 28th

7:00 pm - Crowdfunding Singapore

With one of the highest campaign success rates around, Poxible be sharing what crowdfunding techniues works and what doesn’t, and how to give your project the best chances from the start.

7:00 pm - SuperSheroes and Society: Women in Comic Books

A discussion on female representation in the comic, manga & graphic novel fields to explore the ways in which comics propagate harmful gender stereotypes.

7:00 pm - Startup PR 101: How To Get Media Coverage For Your Startup

A hands-on workshop that focuses on tactics and strategies to get media coverage for your startup in Singapore. Network and exchange experiences with passionate, like-minded entrepreneurs.

7:00 pm - GIVE to the Community through Tech and Entrepreneurship!

Calling all ice cream fans! UNFRAMED is partnering with Ben & Jerry’s Benefit Tuesday Night to present a sharing session – GIVE to the Community through Tech and Entrepreneurship.

Wednesday, July 29th

6:00 pm - Startup Grind Singapore Hosts Vinnie Lauria

The global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs hosts Mr. Vincent Lauria. He’s well known for being my husband.

6:00 pm - Crash Course on Google Analytics

We live in an era where data comes in cheap, but, insights are expensive. Join for a workshop on GA as a tool and introducing different techniques that can be used to convert “data” into “insights”.

6:30 pm - The Dark Web – What it is & How it works?

Learn about the emergence of the dark web and what this means to consumers and organizations.

Thursday, July 30th

6:30 pm - Data Analsis: Moving from Excel to SQLK

Learn how to move beyond spreadsheets and into much more involved analysis with SQL.

Friday, July 31st

9:00 am - RISE – Hong Kong 2015

RISE is a new tech conference that gives enterprise leaders a place to congregate & demonstrate how their companies are changing the way we live.

12:00 pm - Automatic differentiation in deep learning by @Shawn Tan

Learn the history and development of Deep Learning & Skynet, as well as a brief sharing about Automatic Differentiation.

Saturday, August 1st

10:00 am - Experience iOS – An Introductory Workshop for Beginners

A 3-hour Xcode workshop tailored for beginners who have little or no programming background to build their first mobile app for the iOS platform.

Upcoming Events

Jul 27th - The ABCs of B2C and B2B in Social Media

IAB shares how the Social landscape is evolving and the growing importance of Social as not only a communications channel, but a business channel in SEA.

Aug 7th - Mapping Singapore’s Tech Ecosystem – Endeavor

Participate in the survey of Singapore’s leading technopreneurs and include your company on the 1st interactive network map of local leading tech companies!

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