Design & Storytelling Festivals with a dose of tech from HP and Intel

Monday, September 1st

Singapore International Storytelling Festival Begins! -  A range of events from storytelling showcases to performances that offer audiences colorful and insightful stories from around the world. Check out the schedule here

Tuesday, September 2nd

3:00pm – Intel RealSense Challenge - Learn about creating apps on the Intel platform. Conceptualize your idea, create an app and compete to win using Intel RealSense Technology.

7:00pm – SG Futurists Hangout - Predicting the future of Robotics and the ‘Future Of Work’ at monthly gathering to discuss upcoming upcoming technologies.

7:00pm – Swift Singapore - Sharing info about functional programming, notification APIs and Swift collections along with some demos and grub.

Wednesday, September 3rd

12:00pm – Brand Innovation Summit  - HP invites you to hear about some of the most innovative consumer campaigns from leading brands that can help to increase your bottom line.

4:00pm – Kopi chat for Entrepreneurs - Solving the chicken or the egg problem.  Personally I don’t care which came first, I just want to figure out how to cook that damn Singapore half-boiled egg.

6:30pm – SheSays goes all Change 2.0 with Grace Clapham - A session about building a career based on passion. Featuring guest Grace Clapham, the winner of Talent International Asia Pacific Inspirational Leadership award.

7:00pm – Social Media Branding and Communication Workshop for Entrepreneurs - Learn branding, content and influencer marketing and leave with your first blue print for your social media branding and communication strategy.

Thursday, September 4th

6:30pm – Data and Tools Workshop -  Learn how to get started with the data, resources and tools from UP Singapore for the “Data in the City” Visualisation Challenge.

7:00p – Agile and Spring Boot Night! - Large scale scrum and tiny boots featuring Matt Winn, the Securities Location Coach for Singapore and Manila at J.P. Morgan

7:00pm – Python Meetup - OpenCV and the great Python 2 -> 3 migration. Fare thee well on your arduous trek to Python 3!

Friday, September 5th

12:00pm – Building a state of the art AI to play Magic: The Gathering- In this talk, Melvin Zhang will describe the technical challenges of creating a strong AI player and how to overcome them.

8:30pm – A Design Film Festival - A film festival dedicated solely to design! Come check out films, documentaries and director chats on design and its subcultures.

Saturday, September 6th

7:30am – EdTechTeam Singapore Summit featuring Google for Education - A two day event focused on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education and other Google Tools to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education.

9:00am – Singtel Accelerator Hack Day - For the first time ever SingTel is making available a wide array of APIs for you to play with. Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur or technology enthusiast, come join to learn, create and have fun.