Bootcamp, Bootstrap and Boost that Valuation

Tuesday, July 29th

7:30pm – PHP Meetup - Enlighten your life with Zen coding and get dirty with some mud wrestling with Restler, the web api framework.

7:30pm – SPORE Art Salon Get inspired with this feast for your senses. ‘Spore is a place visual artists to meet, mingle, inspire, and share with performing artists. 

Wednesday, July 30th

6:30pm - Founders Drinks - The art & science of valuation – an elusive combination of founding team, market, product and potential or is it just a number pulled out of thin air?

7:00pm – Green Drinks Networking Night - Connect with everyone and anyone in the environmental sphere. Remember your eco-friendly business cards!

Thursday, July 31st

10:30am – Hub Case Studies -  Meet 3 passionate women who are building networks and providing tools that help mothers tackle the day to day demands on them. (Believe me, motherhood is HARD and new parents spend $$$. Smart market!)

6:00pm – Coffee Talk Series: - CreativesAtWork is a media agency that brings together project owners and media freelancers from all over the world Join them for a discussion on how to protect and manage your IP.

7:00pm – Python Meetup – He’s a lover boy at play, he don’t play by rules! uh-oh! Don’t play the fool now!

7:00pm – Startup Grind Singapore –  Hear from Saemin Ahn (MP at Rakuten Ventures) and hear his take on valuations, due diligence and deals.

Friday, Aug 1st

12:00pm - Start-up to Media A-to-Z - Pitch journalists, manage social media disasters and figure out that press conference.  Everything startup founders need to know about managing the media with E27‘s Elaine Huang. (This seems to be an event for only painters and hackers members.  Join P&H to see the invite.)

6:00pm – DBS-Hub Social Entrepreneurship Bootcamp - In just one weekend, equip yourself to start a sustainable business to meet a neglected social need. Pitch to real impact investors, fund managers and philanthropists in a safe environment.

Saturday, Aug 2nd

9:30am – Product Camp  - ProductCamp is a collaborative, user organized unconference focused on product management and marketing topics. It’s the place to develop your craft, learn from each other and network in meaningful ways.


August 4th – CrowdFunding Asia Summit - Harnessing the power of the crowd to drive the collaborative economy forward.