Monday, June 25th

8:30 am - Code Gakko – ASPIREAlpha

A 2-Day Data Science Course with talks by industry professionals, guided workshops on Python and Data Science tools and a team-based hackathon challenge. Connect with students from all around Southeast Asia in this exciting bootcamp.

Tuesday, June 26th

9:00 am - Design Thinking to Design Doing for Customer Engagement

Workshop on Design thinking and Design doing for entrepreneurs to apply to their customer service and engagement process. All proceeds will go to charity.

6:30 pm - New Tech and Energy Companies of the Future

The session will focus on the intersection of new tech and energy companies of the future, which will be distributed and running on a digital backbone.

Upcoming Events

May 15th - Tech in Asia Singapore 2018

Hear from industry leaders at the perpetually packed Main Stage, and learn from topic experts at our insightful expert stages. Tech in Asia Singapore 2018’s Startup Factory expects to showcase 250 exciting startups. The Arena battle features handpicked startups in action as they pitch and answer questions from a panel of judges in front of a live audience.

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