Monday, December 5th

6:30 pm - Ruby Tea Party

A chance for anyone that codes or would enjoy learning to code, to sit down and dedicate himself/herself to learning programming.

7:00 pm - DataJam!

A monthly meetup for volunteers who are looking to increase their contributions to the social sector in Singapore.

Tuesday, December 6th

8:00 am - BANSEA Breakfast

A great occasion for interested people to meet and discuss on early stage investments in an informal and relaxed manner.

8:00 am - BANSEA Breakfast

A great occasion for interested people to meet and discuss about early stage investments in an informal and relaxed manner – no agenda and no obligation.

Wednesday, December 7th

6:00 pm - IoTTechspresso:- Addressing (in)Security Challenges in IoT

Come learn about different types of attacks that happens in the IoT and how to prevent them. as well as some cryptographic algorithms and digital signatures methods for security purposes.

6:45 pm - Strata x DSSG – Real World Data Science

Come join the biggest meetup at Strata x Hadoop SG to learn about AI models, natural langugage processing, text analytics engine and interactive visualizations.

7:00 pm - Fuckup Nights – Singapore, Vol. XIII

Fuckup Nights is a global movement to share business failure stories in a candid way — to destigmatise and explore the tough moments, to create a more solid foundation for innovation.

7:00 pm - IGDA x PIXEL Studios

Together with the newly created PIXEL Studios, IGDA presents the closing event of this year — 6|40 stunt powerpoint! 20 slides, each set to auto-advance every 20 seconds, no touching of the computer allowed. We also have some important announcements to make for 2017 so stay tuned!

7:30 pm - DP Holders: What Are Your Options

An information evening for Dependent Pass Holders who want to work in Singapore. Join Katherine Chapman, an expert small business advisor to discuss how you can work or start a business as a dependent pass holder in Singapore.

Thursday, December 8th

1:00 pm - 10 Lessons from Behavioural Psychology to turn Prospects into Customers

During this free one hour session, Andrew, an Executive Coach at, will be sharing 10 Lessons from Behavioural Psychology you can use to turn Prospects into Customers.

3:00 pm - Join Us for Content Marketing: Moving Beyond Content Shock in Asia

Come learn why we have content marketing, as well as the strategies brands must put in place for success.

6:00 pm - HubSpot Sales Networking Cocktail Party

This event is a great way to informally meet members of the sales community as well as the HubSpot Singapore Sales team at our very own office.

6:45 pm - Fintech: Cybersecurity

Come learn about how the cybersecurity industry and how IT and fintech security budgets across the private and public sectors are increasing accordingly.

7:00 pm - API-Craft Singapore December Meetup

Come join the inaugural API Craft Singapore meetup to learn more about APIs.

Upcoming Events

Nov 21st - The Singapore Golden Kitty Awards

The Singapore edition of The Golden Kitty Awards where 32 of the very best tech products and people compete to win the award.

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