Makers, Designers and Property gurus

Monday, July 21st

7:00pm - iOS Dev Scouts - Scott Bales is  laying it out there for app developers and helping you connect with untethered mobile users.

7:30pm - SG Security Meetup - Get a technical introduction to FIDO and  learn from two case studies on source code review with focus on technical resolution challenges (You have to join the group to view details).

Tuesday, July 22nd

6:30pm - Singapore Salesforce Developer Group - Creating connected apps on the Salesforce1 Platform and getting solutions to the Heroku problem. Doo itashimashite.

7:00pm - Dribbble Meetup -  Talk shop about design, connect with like-minded designers and meet Justin Roberts, Neo’s senior designer.

7:00pm - Let’s Connect! A Community Arts Networking Event - Hear from National Library Board, Urban Sketchers Singapore and Participate in Design folk on how the connect with communities through neighborhood-centric arts programs and projects.

Wednesday, July 23rd

9:00am - Additive Manufacturing Asia 2014 - A 3D printing event focused on how AM technology is currently being adopted for the creation of low-volume, high- complexity, high-value parts. Like jewelry, amiright?!

6:30pm - Turn The World Into A Website -  Hyper Island is taking digital into the real world.  Get a new way of looking at social media and digital while while indulging in some delicious Swedish meatballs.

7:00pm - Singapore FileMaker Group - Useful tips and tricks on how to enter data, search for data and produce reports using FileMaker – for all levels.

8:00pm - Speakeasy #14- “In the light of everything that has been discussed about writing and reading in our city in the last few days, we could all do with a little poetry and cake to heal our hearts.”

Thursday, July 24th

6:30pm - DevOps: Continuous Delivery at PropertyGuru - Dwi and Garima talk about transforming the delivery pipeline at PropertyGuru using Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant.

6:30pm - PUGS (Postgres Users Group Singapore) - These cute little pups are meeting up to share PostgreSQL tips and learnings from one another. Pugs are awesome!

6:45pm - Backstage Pass by Peatix x NVPC - An event organizers dream! Nicholas & Ethel from Peatix will share anecdotal pointers, tips and tricks on how to sell out your event.

Friday, July 25th

9:00am - Crowdfunding Workshop  - Join the founders of Crowdonomic, Crowdsourcing Week, & Pozible for a half-day workshop on the possibilities and practicalities of crowdfunding.

12:00pm - In pursuit of Happy-ness - I suggest smiling more but other, more qualified people, bifurcate and quantify their emotions.  KimSia will explain and share how to become both happier and less unhappy.

4:00pm - Bookkeeping appreciation with QBO Harmony - The session will cover everything you need to do-it-yourself bookkeeping in the first year of operation with QuickBooks Online Harmony. When it’s over, stay for JFDI’s happy hour!

4:00pm – Friday Feeds - Take a break and join the startup kampung for a Laksa party. OMG, Assam Laksa. Feed me now!

7:00pm - Opening Reception: Photovoice SG x Dreamcatchers - A photography + mixed media exhibition featuring the work of youths from Dreamcatchers. 

Saturday, July 26th

11:00am – MiniMaker Faire - A mini gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do.

1:00pm - Design Thinking for Makers - (Part of the Maker Faire.) Making is a non-linear process and is important to understand the challenges that will be along the way to be successful.

2:00pm - DataScience Meetup - In addition to being a creepy ex-girlfriend, Julia is a new language intended for scientific computing. Hopefully she won’t stalk you and attempt to date your friends.

Sunday, July 27th

4:00pm –  Evernote for Makers: How to build awesome stuff using Evernote (Part of the Maker Faire) - Learn how to manage & organize your project and cool new tricks to be build awesome things productively.