Hunger games, Facebook in APAC and Three VCs in the wild

Monday, Nov 17th

7:00pm – Front End TL;DR  – A visit to Trade Gecko reveals how this wünder team builds a large scale frontend web app to help businesses master their supply chain and operations.

7:00pm – Entrepreneurship Education Reinvented - A talk by the movers and shakers in the industry. Find out how you can advance yourself and your startup above and beyond what you imagined.

Tuesday, Nov 18th

1:00pm - IDC Researchers’ Seminar by Thomas Leurent, CEO Akselos  – From lab to product with the CEO of Akselos.

7:00pm – Go Programming Language Meetup - Writing concurrent programs robustly and productively with Go and zeromq.

Wednesday, Nov 19th

9:00am  – CSSConf 2014 - Some of the finest CSS developers sharing their stories and experiences at this one-day event.

6:30pm – How to hire freelancers and find success – the straight truth from Elance-oDesk - There are over 8.5 million freelancers on Elance-oDesk and they’re vying for your business. With so much choice, it’s sometimes hard to know how to begin. We’re here to help!

7:00pm – CoFoundersLab Matchup - Helping entrepreneurs find co-founders, advisers & interns and to build strong, core startup teams.

7:00pm – Docker Singapore Meetup #2 at SingTel - Meet other developers and ops engineers using Docker.

Thursday, Nov 20th

8:30am – JSConf.Asia 2014 - Asia’s most influential web developer conference with 20 speakers, 2 parties and 5 workshops includingNodeBoats hardware workshop with and iDA.

8:30am –  IAB Executive Breakfast Briefing with Dan Neary - Take a dive deep into Social in APAC to understand where Facebook is focusing their efforts in the region, their stance on the rising homegrown APAC ecosystems and the latest plans on some of the company’s high profile acquisitions.

6:45pm – How Should Startups Handle Media and PR – Getting your Startup in the ‘limelight’, is one of the most crucial things you should do to get your platform known. Learn from the Masters!

7:00pm – Workshop – Unleashing The Intrapreneur Within - Helping entrepreneurial individuals drive change and use their entrepreneurial skills within their company.

7:00pm – ArtScience Late - ArtScience Museum transforms into a night-time platform for artists in the fields of performance and new media to experiment, explore, discover and challenge their artistic boundaries.

7:30pm – DevOps – Tools to Effectively Monitor Your Mobile and Web Apps – Learn and share challenges when developing and monitoring your website and applications

8:00pm – DrinkEntrepreneurs - Grab a drink and chat with your fellow entrepreneurs – no name tags, stuffy environments or boring presentations.

Friday, Nov 21st

10:00pm – Women’s Startup Conversations  – A community event that focuses on creating a platform for women led startups (and pre startups) to learn and share experiences – whatever your aspirations or needs may be.

12:00pm – The changing face of technology recruitment by @TusharTejuja – Join the interactive session on what’s new in the world of recruitment, and why this industry is on the path to disruption.

Sunday, Nov 23rd

3:00pm – Sunday at the Training Shed - Beer, beats and graffiti for the whole family!


Nov 25th –  The Pulse Singapore - An off-the-record chat with 3 big-time VCs in SG for the first #ExpertNight! Hear from Golden Gate Ventures, Monk’s Hill and Garena Ventures to find out what VC’s actually talk about when no one is listening.

Nov 26th - Panem Forever - Have you ever found yourself wishing you could pull out a bow and arrow and be just like Katniss Everdeen? Geek Crusade invites you to join Panem Forever, a celebration of The Hunger Games and the finest cuisine of the Capitol.