Saturday, February 24th

9:00 am - Unicon 2018

UNICON 2018 is the largest & craziest student entrepreneurship conference in Asia, built by students for students.

Tuesday, February 27th

5:00 pm - Microsoft Tech Series: Deep Dive Into Microsoft’s Latest Data Platform Tools

Join us as Alyssa Ong, Microsoft Technical Evangelist, share about the latest and most popular data science tools by Microsoft, such as the Data Science Virtual Machine, Azure Machine Learning Workbench, Cognitive Services and more.

6:30 pm - DBS Developers Night

Join us for a night of swag, booze, and food in great company. The main event of the night is a sneak preview for new features (which you’ve asked for!) that’ll make your lives much easier. We’ll also be honouring the devs who’ve worked tirelessly with us to be our launch partners. You’ll also have the chance to meet our developers who’ve spent countless nights on this, and ask them everything you’ve ever wanted to know about our APIs.

Thursday, March 1st

7:00 pm - Talk Data To Me: An Evening With Female Data Leaders

At this event, we host thought-leaders from the Singapore data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life. This time with female data leaders from Singapore!

7:00 pm - Tribe Theory Launch Party!

Come celebrate the launch of Tribe Theory – a Venture Hotel for young entrepreneurs who are traveling on a budget. The night will be filled with cocktails, delicious bites, good music & amazing conversation.

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