Wednesday, November 25th

6:40 pm - LIFEHACK: Visioning Workshop

Join in for some fun, reflective immersion and creative process of letting your imagination run wild to help build towards achieving your wildest dreams.

7:00 pm - Lean Enterprise: How to innovate at startup-speed in big organizations

A session for intrapreneurs and lean practitioners to discuss how we can innovate like startups in large organizations.

7:00 pm - Hackware v1.3 (Digital Planetarium Special)

In collaboration with Science Bites!, this meetup bring you the wonders of astronomy and science in SCS’s Digital Planetarium!

Thursday, November 26th

9:00 am - Agile Tour Singapore 2015

A 2-day technology & business conference for people to collaborate and learn from local practitioners about Agile experiences in Singapore and the region.

9:30 am - My Entrepreneurial Journey: Why and how I built my own business

A fun, intimate and candid morning as entrepreneurs talk about why they left the safety net of being employed to found their own businesses.

6:00 pm - On Unicorns and Rainbows: Mastering the VC Conversation

An event where a panel of investors based in Singapore will answer any question you may have as a female founder about raising funds for your business.

Friday, November 27th

7:00 pm - Singapore Python User Group Nov Meetup

Join this meetup to learn about PUGS’s exciting events for the upcoming year, along with the introduction of the new leadership team.

Saturday, November 28th

10:00 am - Bootcamp: Python for Data Science

Get hands-on programming experience in Python for immediate applications in the real world. Learn the fundamentals & several tools used in data science.

11:00 am - Green Is The New Black – the TALK

Can ‘green’ become the new black? Join us for a panel discussion as we explore the current trends and feasibility of sustainable fashion.

11:00 am - Geek Brunch #3

Come meet and network with developers, designers and makers over brunch!

Monday, November 30th

6:00 pm - Panel Discussion – Industrial Internet of Things

In this panel discussion, three experts will present their views and experiences in designing and implementing IIoT projects for maximum benefit.

7:30 pm - Papers We Love #015

Come share the ideas in an awesome academic/research paper with fellow engineers, programmers, and paper-readers.

Upcoming Events

Dec 3rd - Pop-Up Exhibition of The Artling Prints Project

Join the launch of The Artling Prints Project and enjoy drinks, snacks, and artworks from some of Southeast Asia’s most acclaimed artists!

Jan 26th - EmTech Asia 2016

A conference for business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers to address major global issues & turn ideas into solutions.

Check out more events by clicking on full calendar