Tuesday, August 22nd

2:00 pm - GA Singapore Meet & Greet: Hiring Event for UX Designers

General Assembly welcomes companies to meet graduates of our User Experience Design Immersive Programs. Our UX Designers will be on hand to show off their projects, and are available to chat about job opportunities.

6:00 pm - Startups Essentials – Cybersecurity 101

Understand cybersecurity for startups (“Startup Essentials Series” from MOX and IBM).

6:30 pm - Hack && Tell Singapore at Zalora!

A show and tell meetup for programmers! 5-minute presentations (+ 5 minutes Q&A) on projects that people work on for fun, for the love of all things technical.

6:30 pm - Ethereum Foundation: Zahoor Mohamed Swarm

Come listen to a keynote by Zahoor Mohamed, and learn about Swarm, a distributed storage platform and content distribution service.

6:30 pm - Business Modelling Workshop: Your Roadmap to Sustainable Impact

Business Modelling Workshop: Your Roadmap to Sustainable Impact is a workshop for for-impact enterprise, where they are able to create, deliver and capture value from your products/services.We will also cover what investors typically ask about business model, key metrics to stay on track and for effective communications with your stakeholders, as well as help to refine your differentiation to stay relevant.

7:00 pm - Learning To Code With Google’s Go!

A free meetup to teach new programmers how to code using Google’s Go. At the end of two hours, you will learn to write simple code in Go, compile it, and execute the program.

7:00 pm - GoSG Meetup August 2017

Come to our meet up and get some tips about using Golang in your work or side project.

7:00 pm - Tech & Marketing to Millennials

Join us to discuss a critical topic for brands and marketers that want to stay relevant in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Wednesday, August 23rd

6:00 pm - Running and Managing Your Daily Business

An event especially curated for start-up companies in Singapore and will focus on ‘Running your Business’. Equip yourself with the legal tools and acquire insights to avoid legal difficulties in running your daily business.

Thursday, August 24th

9:45 am - Grooming Your Startup For Success

SAP is dedicated to work with ACE to help groom local start-ups to be even more successful. Together with SAP, we are launching an initiative, where SAP will explain their solutions designed especially for start-ups to improve business management systems and enable your startup to grow quickly.

1:00 pm - MOX Batch #3 Demo Day Singapore

This event will be a celebration of innovation in the global emerging mobile sector, showcasing startups from all around the world.

6:00 pm - Lean In Women In Tech Singapore: Mentorship Matters

If you are aiming for the next level in your career and need support and mentorship, or if you are interested in mentoring others, then this powerful event is just for you. Join us and engage with other community leaders and people who are leaning in every day.

6:30 pm - Startup&Angels Singapore #2

Startup&Angels is a serie of events created in Australia in 2016 and we have been running 8 successful events so far in Australia and South East Asia with more than 800+ attendees and 55+ speakers. This is an informal afterwork event where entrepreneurs, startup founders, business angels, investors and corporate gather to mingle and discuss about startups, tech and other topics.

7:00 pm - How Finance Brands Win New Audiences And Drive ROI With Content Marketing

For Financial Services and Fintech industry insiders looking to develop your content marketing, hear how leading finance brands in APAC have successfully repositioned their brands, won new audiences and effectively driven returns through their content strategy.

7:00 pm - DataScience SG X Go-Jek

In this month’s DataScience SG Meetup, we are proud to have data scientists from Go-Jek that will be sharing with us about Data Science in their company!

7:00 pm - Workshop: How To Make Your Business Attractive To Investors

This workshop will focus on helping your business become attractive to investors and QCG will also be able to introduce you to investors that are a good fit with your business.

7:00 pm - SBM x the Hive Casual Networking Session

Come join us for a great night of casual networking and drinks with many of the best entrepreneurs in Singapore.

8:00 pm - Design Bootstrap

Zabzub with PlayPause design house will share with you the secrets on how to design using free quality tools such as the popular Canva.

Friday, August 25th

6:00 pm - SWSG High Tech Happy Hour

An exclusive evening with a line up of amazing tech leaders as we hang out at Carousell’s cool and creative #instaworthy office for an open dialogue to hear their successes and challenges. 

6:30 pm - SGX TEC: Scala and Akka in the TITAN OTC Platform

In collaboration with Singapore Exchange (SGX) we’re pleased to announce a showcase of the use of Scala and Akka in their TITAN OTC platform as part of the SGX Technology Symposium.

7:00 pm - Why Julia, and how to get started?

In this brief talk, we will be discussing Julia language as an appealing and efficient alternative for numerical computing.

7:00 pm - NSFW 2.0

The journey of an entrepreneur is definitely Not Safe for The Weak, but we know you are definitely up for it. NSFW 2.0 is back with more uncomfortable, thought-provoking, and intimate questions as we get up close and personal with our panel of entrepreneurs from across 4 different industries, so come join us this NSFW where the questions are difficult and the seats are uncomfortable.

Monday, August 28th

7:00 pm - Biotech Evening

Join us as we have Dr. Shawn Watson from Senescence Life Sciences, who will be sharing about the Changing Perceptions of Brain Aging, Grace Park and Cole Sirucek from DocDoc, on Disrupting healthcare by transforming the consumer experience in doctor discovery and Yanling Toh from NephTech, who will be exploring The Thrill of MedTech Innovation and Commercialization.

7:30 pm - Data journalism: from data to design to code

Go through a brief introduction of the work flow from data collecting, data analysis to the final data viz presentation.

Upcoming Events

Sep 21st - Walkabout Singapore

Walkabout Singapore is a celebration of technology and entrepreneurial culture in Singapore. On Friday, September 22nd you’re invited to check out the spaces, meet the founders and get a behind-the-scenes look at the most innovative companies in Singapore.

Sep 29th - Startup Weekend Singapore Mega

Join over 300 passionate startup enthusiasts will be gathered at NUS University Town to hack out their next company. They are participants of Startup Weekend, a global movement of entrepreneurs who are crazy about starting a technology-based business and forging bonds that will last a lifetime.

Check out more events by clicking on full calendar